The Lonely Coast’s only town, Wolverton stands at the social and industrial heart of Lord Locher’s domain. Protected by a high earthen berm, dry ditch and rambling stockade, the town and the attendant fortification of Caer Sylvane are the safest places on the Lonely Coast.

Home to around 1,900 souls, the town is a loud, malodorous place. Its muddy streets ramble along both of the Arisium’s steep banks, straddling the river bank just north of where it widens into its estuary. Unfortunately, for the folk dwelling along the lower west bank much of the area is prone to flooding. Consequently, only the poorest and most desperate folk dwell there. Above the stench and detritus of the main town, the houses of a few well-to-do merchants and other wealthy folk perch upon steep-sided bluffs overlooking both Wolverton and the ocean.

Wolverton’s docks are the pulsating mercantile heart of the town (and indeed the entire Lonely Coast). Without the constant flow of goods from more civilized states, life on the Lonely Coast would be all but impossible. A weekly market, held in the aptly named and flood-prone Water Meadow, provides an opportunity for local traders and merchants to sell their wares and an excuse for villagers to visit Wolverton. Such events are the social highlight of the week and are usually busy.

The worship of Andraste dominates the religious landscape of the town (doubling as the town magistrate’s court). Few of the common folk are allowed to worship here, as most are left to accept the priests and priestesses gatherings in the lower portions of town.


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